Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Meet the Sponsors: Spirit 105.3, NW Family Expo Gold Sponsor

Spirit 105.3 is the radio station for faith, fun and family. it's also the the radio station with a promiseThe SPIRIT 105.3 Promise – You never have to worry about lyrics or words you don’t want to hear.
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You can listen on the radio at 105.3 fm,  listen live via Spiri's websit,e or listen via your mobile device.

Spirit 105.3's website does host a ton of faith, fun and stuff for your family! There are feature sections for traffic & weathernews & updatesDJ blogsask the expertsverse of the day and a blog titled 'All Mom Does' ; an online community for moms to share, connect and get to know one another. All Mom Does even features a 'Mom's Night Off' section, where mom can enter to win a night out on Spirit 105.3! 

Spirit Local Pages is an online marketplace where you can find businesses, churches and church eventsPrayer requests can be made and prayed for by others. You can find Community Events as well.

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