Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Fircrest Children's Dentistry - NW Family Expo

Dr. Camm
Dr. Beck

Looking for a great new dentist that your kids will LOVE?!?!  Look no further then the Fircrest Children's Dentistry.  Located in, you guessed it, Fircrest... this pediatric dentist practice is a true gem.  They are wonderful with all their patients and the parents too.  Kids will love the fun atmosphere and friendly staff.

Here's a little info taken from their website: www.fircrestchildrensdentistry.com

The office is open weekdays from 8am - 4pm. Usually, Dr. Camm is here M-T and some Thursdays and Dr. Beck is in on Tuesday - Friday, but can vary from week to week depending on Dr. Camm’s lectures and surgery schedule.

New patient appointments are scheduled during the mornings, as are all restorative visits (cavities, extractions) as well as all emergency visits (e.g. toothaches). Not only are children more refreshed and generally more cooperative in the mornings, so is the staff, Dr. Camm & Dr. Beck.

Afternoons are generally reserved for check-up and cleanings for existing patients. Because of the high demand for these appointments, after school appointments in any given month are reserved for the children who are due THAT month for their check-up.

We have an open door policy as far as parents are concerned and encourage you to be present when Dr. Camm or Dr. Beck does your child's exams so that you can discuss any concerns you may have. As a rule, we find that most children do better for fillings if the parent remains in the waiting room. Of course, you know your child better than we do, so if you choose to be present, we do ask that you function as a "silent partner." It can be confusing to the child if he/she has too many people talking to him, giving instructions etc.

The practice is located on the University Place/Fircrest border, across from the Fircrest Golf Course. The facilities include a large comfortable waiting room full of trucks, dolls, stuffed animals, and PlayStation 2's. Four dental chairs are located in an open bay, and there is a "fish" room for children needing quiet/special attention.
Waiting Room - Kids LOVE IT!
Exam Room.


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