Sunday, March 3, 2013

Art Underfoots - NW Family Expo

 What a fun time we had creating our Art Underfoots!  You can buy a mat already created, have it custom made or do it like we did... and go create one for yourself!

So what is Art Underfoots?  That's exactly what I wondered when I first met Paula, owner of Art Underfoots.  Come to find out it is a floor floor clothe (mat or rug).  The floor clothe is hand painted and perfect for a family like mine (with MANY allergies).   Here at my home we LOVE our Art Underfoots floor-cloth.  It's been wonderful under our craft table protecting our hardwood floors.

Here's a little history on the floor-cloth taken from the Art Underfoots website:

Painted canvas floor-cloths were used as early as the 1700's and grew in popularity in the 1800's and 1900's as an inexpensive way to add floor covering to earthen or old wooden floors.  They were gradually replaced by manufactured linoleum. Painted canvas floorcloths have enjoyed a renewed popularity in the 20th century as decorative accents.  Originally, a heavy canvas was primed and painted with many layers of oil based paint and many coats of sealer. It was a long process requiring extended drying times between coats to allow the layers to cure.  Once completed, they provided a durable--and often times colorful--rug that would last for generations. Modern floor-cloth artists use a variety of methods, some staying strictly with methods derived from both eras.  However, modern materials and techniques lend themselves more readily to a wider variety of designs and colors. Newer varieties of sealers, some made especially for floorcloths, provide more flexibility and will not crack with age. 

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