Thursday, February 28, 2013

Frog n Kiwi Cafe - NW Family Expo

Ever wonder what to do with the kids when you can’t go outside? Northwest rainy days may be fun for ducks and the little ones, but let’s face it- not so great for adults. 

Here comes Frog n Kiwi Café to the rescue - 
a place where grown-ups can bring children to play in a safe, fun and clean environment!

There are always two sides to a story... with no exception here. The play area side, called “UPlay Town Center”, has over 1,300 square feet of bright open space with age appropriate toys for kids and café tables for those who can’t play (a.k.a. the grown-ups).   Separated by a sound proof wall, the café side offers espresso from local favorite Batdorf & Bronson, organic teas, beer and wine.  Sandwiches, soup, gelato, natural and wholesome baked goods and kid friendly foods are also available.
From play dates, private parties, camps and monthly kids night out, Frog n Kiwi is the new local favorite. Be sure to call ahead as hours vary due to exciting happenings at the “UPlay Town Center.”

Frog N Kiwi Café
3609 Market Place • Suite 101 University Place • 253-292-1318 
M-Th: 6am - 9pm Fri: 6am-6pm  Sat-Sun: 8am-5pm 

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